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Hollow Earth


Reserved Area


The Quest for Hollow Earth and The Rongorongo Tablets

Francesca Gallo



Apps: Keitai
: Save the Poetry, Marco Nereo Rotelli
(oil on canvas, mosaic  of canvases 20X20, 2008)



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Why are myths, religions, scriptures and constructions whose origins are the same, found in places as far apart as Mongolia, India, Egypt and  pre-Colombian America?
There are groups of persons who share features and dialects even though they live hundreds or thousands of miles apart.
Why on many Pacific Ocean islands are there statues or buildings made with materials that don’t exist on them?
The answer is simple: it is because all the ancient civilizations were born from “Mother Earth” Mu. When Mu disappeared twelve thousand years ago, sinking into the Pacific Ocean, the few survivors lived on the islands formed by fragments of the mainland. Most of them gradually turned into barbarians and only a few carried on practicing their secret knowledge, huna, which they had inherited from their ancestors from the Pleiades constellation, who, after coming to Earth, lived in peace with humans on the Mu continent: they are the kahuna, the missing link between the human world and the animal one.
Stella the main character of the story is one of them.
This book is a clever mix of adventure novel and fantasy one because Stella’s power doesn’t derive from an indistinct magical origin but it’s the outcome of a link with a past coherently described that lets her discover the Hollow Earth, the hidden world that has been searched for since Plato’s times in every age and all over the world.
The author doesn’t lead the readers to an unreal and fancy world but in the current one seen with an intriguing freedom of thought that let them live amazing adventures inside Cheops’ pyramid, in Baalbek, Angkor and on Easter Island as well as in Venezuela, America and France. 


The EasyReading font created by Edizioni Angolo Manzoni and used in this book is based on easy-to-read graphics features that enhance reading even for dyslexics and for partially sighted. It is a layout that achieves a  harmony of size and font that enhances the appeal of reading making it easier to avoid tiring the eye.



tavoletteThanks to
Marco Nereo Rotelli

for the fabulous cover
Save the Poetry
(oil on canvas, mosaic of canvases 20X20, 2008)
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All rights reserved.


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